Princess Daisy is the titian-haired, tomboy, princess of Sarasaland, and Peach’s best friend, who first appeared in the game Super Mario Land. Like Wario, Daisy was created by Gunpei Yokoi, Shigeru Miyamoto’s mentor. Although Daisy is the ruler of Sarasaland, her current place of residence is in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Daisy is known to be a tomboy, a fact stated even since her debut appearance. Unlike many other females in the Mario series, Daisy is one of the few who doesn’t represent herself with pink. To go along with her tomboyish nature, she is represented by more gender-neutral colors like yellow, orange and green. Daisy has an affinity for flowers as displayed in her appearances; her attire, special abilities, personal emblems and general representations are often flowers.

Years after her initial appearance, Daisy started appearing in more and more Mario games; this was due to the lack of human characters in the series. She now appears in the majority of Mario games; most regularly as a playable character. Daisy shares a friendly rivalry with Princess Peach, and is also good friends with Mario and Luigi. Daisy has appeared in over thirty games to date for the Mario series, and continues to do so regularly.


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