King Boo


King Boo is a cursed ghost who is somehow best buds with Petey Piranha and likes is the king of boos. King Boo once lured Luigi Mario into Luigi’s Mansion to try and eat him, but Luigi fought back with the Poltergust 3000 (a vacuum cleaner). What a rip off. He came back from the grave when some scientist, just for the heck of it, revived him with a cool gadget thing. He then invaded Mario games and met Petey Piranha and Waluigi, and, after killing Waluigi, went on a crime spree with Petey Piranha. In his spare time, King Boo enjoys vandalizing Wikipedia, and enjoys watching Nickelodeon when he has no one to scare.

King Boo was the first president of the United States. After being inaugurated, he was quickly assassinated, and George Washington took over the role of president. This however, is not taught in history books or in schools, because, as it is widely known, America is racist to spooks.

A Poor Joke about King Boo

Knock Snock. “Boo’s there?” Boo. “Boo Boo?” Haha, you made a freaking boo boo!

Mario believed this joke to be poor quality also.

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